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MBA Journey

We enable you to achieve exactly the developments that will allow you to realize your individual goals

An MBA program is a unique experience with a lasting effect. On your MBA Journey, you will learn how to stay successful and advance yourself and your organization in a changing and complex world. The Management & Technology MBA program uniquely provides you with the knowledge and skills that today's and tomorrow's leaders need to grow and to develop their full potential as leaders.

Knowledge & Skills for Managers

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  • You will get yourself up to date with the latest research in the field of management and receive relevant business content and tools in a condensed and practical form
  • You will gain an understanding of new technologies and be able to assess the opportunities and impact of new technologies on your organization
  • You will develop your decision-making competence and will learn to ask the right questions
  •  You will learn to filter information according to importance and priority even under uncertainty
  • You will receive first-hand knowledge and expertise from renowned lecturers from universities and from the industry
  • You will gain exciting insights into business and industry through business expert talks and excursions to companies


Personal Growth - Sustainable Change through your Individual Experience

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In an open and trusting learning environment you will

  • leave your comfort zone, push beyond your limits and expand your horizon
  • identify your personal strengths and growth potential
  • improve your self-confidence, self-awareness and self-perception
  • grow beyond yourself and develop your full potential as a leader 


Exchange & Network - Learn from and with Each Other 

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On your MBA Journey and beyond that 

  • You will meet a wide range of personalities from a variety of industries and disciplines
  • You will enter into a close exchange of experience with others & reflect about yourself and your professional practice with peers
  • You will be part of the dynamic CEC community of people who actively shape the (business) world
  • You will become part of the international network of the TUW


Business Impact - Right Decisions Lead to the Desired Success

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Personal benefits of the MBA program

  • You will bring your know how and your skills to a new level 
  • You will gain new perspectives and development opportunities
  • You will open up new career paths and future-proof your career 
  • You will learn to make well-considered decisions - even under uncertainty - and thus ensure the success of your organization

Benefits for your employer or company

  • Leadership potential in your organization is encouraged
  • You secure the latest know-how and skills in your company
  • You expand your organization's network within and outside your industry
  • Real business cases can be used directly by participants in the MBA program
  • Within the framework of your Master's thesis, you can work on a self-chosen question of your organization / company with scientific methods and concepts and thus bring direct benefits.