MBA Insights

[Translate to English:] Carlos Calvo, Absolvent MBA Entrepreneurship & Innovation 2018

Challenging but possible.
Time consuming but rewarding.
Academic but inspiring and practical.

Carlos Calvo, MBA (Sonorys Technology)

Class 2016-2018

[Translate to English:] Alexandre Barban

At the beginning of the PMBA, a professor told us: “this program will change you, I promise”. While it seemed arrogant, it hid some crude truth behind it nonetheless.

Is the program hard? Yes! Is the program interesting? Beyond doubts! Are you extending your network? In any case!

However, the most important lesson I took away from it is the following:
I learned how to look at the world with a new set of eyes. What I see are innovative opportunities everywhere!

In a sense, the PMBA E&I deeply transformed me.

Dipl.-Ing. Alexandre Barban (T-Systems International)

Class 2015-2017