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MBA | Digital Transformation & Change Management

Lead through the digital change!

Unpredictable and changing conditions make digital change, similar to ascending a mountain, a venture. Fresh snow, headwind and icing can block the route and make the ascent more difficult. In this case, responsible and reliable guides are needed who can give direction and navigate their teams through difficult terrain. The Digital Transformation & Change Management MBA equips you and your team to safely reach the top of the mountain even in turbulent times.

After completing this MBA program, you will be able to deal with uncertainty, fears and resistance in your team and furthermore, solve them strategically and cooperatively. You are capable of recognizing and assessing the opportunities and challenges of digitization at an early stage. You can design and supervise organizational change processes in the light of digital technologies. In this way, you build up momentum for the development of new competencies and solutions that push your organization forward and ensure success.

Key Facts

Final Degree: Master of Business Administration (MBA)

ECTS credits: 90

Duration: 3 semesters + Master's Thesis

Structure: Part-time, blocked in modules

Language: German

Tution Fee: EUR 24.400 (VAT exempt) (excl. expenses for travel and accommodation)

Admission Requirements: First academic degree; 3 years of work experience; personal interview

Scholarships: Details on our scholarship website

Locations: TU Wien, surrounding area of Vienna

Academic Director:  Michael Filzmoser, PhD, Associate Professor for Management Science at TU Wien


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Target Group

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Important dates

Next Program Start: May 27,  2021

Application Deadline: April 18, 2021

Program Management

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Mag. Mareike Kerschbaum


T +43 1 58801 41722

For safe continuing education without Corona

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Right now, it is our great concern to provide you with continuing education in a professional and safe way. For this reason, our programs will take place under the following security measures during the COVID-19 pandemic:

  • Virtual info events & individual counseling sessions
  • Online application processes
  • Wide range of distance learning formats
  • Face-to-face teaching after prior testing of participants
  • Hybrid formats for those students who cannot be on site due to entry requirements.

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Associate Prof. Mag.rer.soc.oec. Michael Filzmoser, PhD - Academic Director
Technological change is both a challenge and an opportunity. The positive and negative influences on companies place high demands on change processes. This MBA provides know-how on digital transformation as well as methods to master upcoming challenges and opportunities.
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