In our base modules on Management & Technology, you acquire a sound understanding of technological developments as well as key business skills in order to gain decision-making competence in general issues of management. In the base camp on Leadership & Organizational Behavior you surpass yourself and learn about your leadership behavior. Experience- and practice-oriented learning as well as intensive exchange and interaction in small groups take your leadership competence to a new level and strengthen your self-awareness as a leader.

At the next stage of this MBA program we will prepare you for a solution-focused change management on an individual, collective and organizational level. You will learn to understand and evaluate the potential of digitization from a holistic perspective. This helps you to influence processes and behavior in such a way that digital opportunities can be taken. You will learn to guide your team members and give them orientation and confidence in order to take them all with you on the path of change.

Target group

If you aim to,

  • push the digital change in your organization and manage it efficiently,

  • qualify as a (future) leader or

  • better understand your role as a (future) change agent

this MBA is the right choice for you.

We are primarily looking for open and creative heads with an tech background working in various areas:

  • (High) tech companies / organisations and business in different industries and operation fields

  • NPOs and public institutions

  • SMEs


Our experts will give you insights into the most burning topics of digitization and digital transformation.

The MBA program is a unique combination of management, technology and leadership topics. It provides you with a basic technical understanding and key business skills to build up the ability to have a say and make decisions on general management issues against the background of technological developments. You will learn how to lead people better and how to control processes and organizations in the VUCA world in a targeted manner.

Our leadership retreats focus on your personal skills and leadership competencies. Through intensive exchange you will learn from and with each other in a trusting setting. You will get to know each other better as a leader and can thus better lead your team.

The leadership retreats take place on 3 blocked dates in a seminar hotel outside of Vienna . In addition to thereotic inputs and discussions, the learning experience also includes group dynamic exercises and outdoor elements. Thorough reflection enables the transfer of what has been learned into practice.

Well-grounded, scientific content will be taught in an applicable way and enables the direct transfer of learnings into your practice.


Mag. Christine Hudetz, MA

Mag. Christine Hudetz, MA

Senior Program Manager - Management & Leadership programs

T +43 1 58801 41708