Technical innovations and crisis situations, such as those currently caused by COVID-19, constantly bring new challenges for managers. They require to react quickly to the latest developments and nevertheless not to lose track of their goals. The Strategic Management & Technology MBA provides you with the analysis tools to help you develop strategies for your company in order to successfully move forward in a constantly changing environment. As an (established) executive, you will open up new perspectives and refine your leadership qualities and learn to develop holistic strategies taking into consideration the technical and business interrelationships.

During the base camp, you will acquire economic and technical management know-how and take your leadership skills to a new level. In the modules of the Strategic Management & Technology MBA you will expand your strategy development and implementation skills. We provide you with a deep theoretical, but also practice-oriented understanding of the technological, budgetary and strategic competencies of your organization. As an executive, you will be able to incorporate the insights into your strategic and operational decisions and effectively implement business initiatives using new and existing technologies.

Target group

If you pursue the goal,

  • to open up new perspectives as an executive manager, expand your knowledge in strategic management and refine your leadership qualities,

  • in your position as a junior executive to develop holistic strategies that combine the technical and economic correlations,

this MBA is the right choice for you.

We particularly address professionals with technical technical background, from the following areas:

  • (technology-oriented) companies/organizations from various industries

  • Non-profit organizations and public institutions

  • SMES

  • Family businesses


The Strategic Management & Technology MBA prepares you for a management career that is not tied to any particular industry. Thanks to the broad economic and technical education, you are equipped to integrate yourself into a technical company or to face the challenges that new technologies bring to all areas of work.

Regardless of whether you already hold a management position or are preparing for the next step. Completion of the Strategic Management & Technology MBA gives you the opportunity to enhance your existing company with new strategies, to take the step into management or to choose the path of independence. This diversity is also reflected in your fellow students. Let yourself be inspired by the different characters and ways of life.

We see the integration of technical knowledge into entrepreneurial activities not as a supplement, but as a matter of course. Technical developments affect all organizations and companies, we provide you with the tools to take them into account.

The MBA program is a unique combination of management, technology and leadership topics. It provides you with a basic technical understanding and key business skills to build up the ability to have a say and make decisions on general management issues against the background of technological developments. You will learn how to lead people better and how to control processes and organizations in the VUCA world in a targeted manner.

Our leadership retreats focus on your personal skills and leadership competencies. Through intensive exchange you will learn from and with each other in a trusting setting. You will get to know each other better as a leader and can thus better lead your team. 

Well-grounded, scientific content will be taught in an applicable way and enables the direct transfer of learnings into your practice.

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