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Master's Theses

The MBA Program is concluded by writing a Master's Thesis with an applied character. Below we provide you with a comprehensive overview of the topics of all completed Master's Theses.

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Noha Alamodi | 2013

Prototyping in developing countries - Virtual automotive industry

Corneliu Antonovici | 2016

Development of a sales and operations planning framework for the automotive engineering-to-order business using the example of body electronics

Florian Arnezeder | 2017

Strategic study on the market entry in Iran - A comparison of theoretical- and practical- frameworks using the example of Harley-Davidson

Maximilian Austerer | 2016

Development of a sales and operations planning framework for the automotive engineering-to-order business using the example of body electronics

Roberto Baccaglini | 2011

Becoming Lean: theory, practice and tools. The implementation of the Lean philosophy and Six Sigma across the Automotive Engineering and Manufacturing environment - "who is who and who does what and how". The rise of the Lean Six Sigma

Christof Baier | 2011

Analysis of open source business model and its consequences on the value chain of automotive based on Continentals AutoLinq Platform

Jozef Balát | 2017

Improvement of Quality Management System Efficiency in the Automotive Industry in accordance with International Standard IATF 16949:2016

Hani Hassan Batawi | 2016

Factors Leading To Decision Making To Buy Electric Car - An Empirical Study In Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia

Martina Bellanova | 2016

Changes in the Customer Buying Process of Premium Automotive Products Between the Generation X and Z - How to Target Generation Z as Customers for the Automotive Industry

Jürgen Besiroglu | 2017

Development of an automation concept for complex process machines under the aspects of Low Cost Automation and Lean Management

Kenan Bilic | 2016

Prerequisites and needs for the automotive supplier industry to become established in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Lugeen Bin Mahfooz | 2015

Managing Loyalty in The Automotive Industry: The Impact of Social Media on The Purchase Cycle

Jan-Friedrich Brand | 2011

Business case of an engineering center in Central Europe / Poland

Marek Branicky | 2011

Establishment of the new automotive production plant with participation of a foreign investor in the Slovak Republic

Peter Braun | 2014

Analysis of production planning and control systems for automotive powertrain assembly lines concerning the levels of decentralization in the context of Industrie 4.0

Peter Chudoba | 2011

Part presentation in Lean Production: Traditional vs. Lean Part Presentation Methods (Kitting, Tote Boxes & Gravity Flow Racks) in Tier1 environment

Steven Cook | 2015

Development of a Manufacturing and Factory Planning Process in view of Engines, Transmissions and Components for Engineering Service Providers in the Automotive Industry

Juraj Daubner | 2012

Role of One-Way Packaging in Automotive Supply Chains Costs Optimization Processes

Manuel Einhaus | 2015

The importance of introductory pricing of a new technology product of a start-up company in a developed B2B-market

Cyril Estok | 2014

Relationship between supplier´s employees engagement and automotive customers satisfaction

Benjamin Fastnacht | 2017

Application of part kitting methodology in high variation automotive assembly processes Case study at Ford Motor Company Valencia, Spain

Matej Fekete | 2016

Sales Management and Its Role in the New Era of Upcoming Emission Standards

Günther Fischer | 2013

Exploiting Market Potentials in an Emerging Market: Derivation of a Professional Fleet Sales Approach for a Premium Automotive Manufacturer in Ukraine

Kurt Fischer | 2017

Development of an advanced safety excellence system in automotive supplier industry

Matthew Foley | 2011

Comparative commercial evaluation of alternative Superplastic Forming processes, tooling concepts and related post-forming operation as a function of production volumes for automotive application

Markus Johannes Ganahl | 2015

Global Production Relocation Mapping

Martin Godál | 2012

Implementaton of Analytical Hierarchy Process in Supplier Performance Evaluation

Gregor Gratschner | 2013

Technical and commercial considerations on innovating a hybrid boosting device in a competitive sidecar - a business model

Thomas Häberer | 2013

Strategic Analytical Research of Future Market Potentials of a Specific Product Segment in the Automotive Industry

Daniela Hanzlickova | 2017

Purchasing Tool Ensuring the Conformity of ISO 9001 and Base Automotive Requirements along the Supply Chain with Focus on Tier 2 and Tier 3 Suppliers

Tim Henning | 2013

Evaluating the Accuracy of Business Forecasts: A Case Study Analysis of a variety of forecasting methods in actual use by a company with an evaluation of their relative accuracy

Jürgen Hinterhofer | 2014

Insurance and Automotive: Innovation in Claims Management

Roland Hintringer | 2015

Model for evaluating technology innovations from perspective of an automotive component supplier

Leo Johann Anton Höppel | 2017

Design thinking for strategy development The case of consulting in the automotive supplier industry in Austria

László Andras Horváth | 2014

Premium Brand Strategy in the Automotive Industry. What are the characteristics of a successful Premium automotive strategy?

Slavomir Hunak | 2011

Grow big with automotive: Investigating synergies between automotive and industrial division of a company

Herwig Jörgl | 2013

Employee development in the automotive industry - a practical example out of the field of product management

Raju Joy | 2014

Examination on the effectiveness of a quality management system - using the QMS of Continental AG as an example

Christian Jursitzky | 2015

Lean product development 4.0 process determining factors

Petar Karaivanov | 2015

Determination of the optimal distribution strategy for the new cars

Joel James Karlsberg | 2013

Supplier Sustainability Risk Data Collection and Evaluation: Third-Party Options for Automotive OEMs

Jürgen Kastner | 2013

Strategic Analysis of the U.S. American EV Charging Network Industry and the Derivation of Strategic Recommendations, Players, Technologies and Market Drivers

Ho Hyun Kim | 2017

Research on measures to reinforce competitiveness through strategic alliance between Korean companies and global companies

Igor Klein | 2011

Creation and Development of Management System in Small Start Up Company in Post Communist Countries to Support Its Long Term Strategy

Bernd Kögler | 2017

Factors influencing the success of Continuous Improvement A case study assessing the peculiarity of key success factors after the implementation and realization of pilot improvement projects in an organization

Gerhard Kolarik | 2011

Identifying, targeting and entering new attractive market segments (for companies in B2B)

Sascha Kolb | 2017

Research of the current status of a fuel cell vehicle to be driven in the area of Vienna, Austria by 2017 and future procpects in 2025

Naresh Laddha | 2017

Development of a Method to Determine Productivity in Engineering Services for Creating Lean Offers

Albert Lapka | 2014

Management performance control as a part of the company development strategy

Ulrich Lauda | 2017

Examination of strategic challenges for powertrain component suppliers to fulfil the changing demands of OEMs during the transition from traditional combustion engines to the electric mobility

Juan Carlos Legaspi | 2011

Driving from Automobile to Mobility: Agile business model innovation

Max Leye | 2016

Development of a Lean Implementation Strategy for 4-Motion-Rollertestbenches based on Value Stream Analysis

Artur Lipin | 2017

Purchasing strategy of truck and bus producer in relation to transfer supplier process and product between plants

Lennart Ludwig | 2017

Parcel delivery to a vehicle as a solution to reduce the last mile problem of logistics? A competitive analysis for the development of ‚chark’

Michal Matusek | 2011

Performance management in automotive companies in Central Europe

Julian Merget | 2015

Carsharing as an Urban Mobility Solution - Measures to establish sustainable business models through innovative concepts

Anita Messinger | 2011

Cross Learning in Software Engineering from the Automotive Industry

Saša Milenković | 2016

Introducing radar sensors on independent aftermarket - Identification of possible business model

Christian Moser | 2014

Effects of the EUROCOMBI on the automotive industry logistics in Austria

Klaus Müller | 2013

Employee engagement in the context of organizational culture and performance - a case of automotive supplier Continental

Dennis Müller | 2014

Sport sponsoring in the automotive industry - criteria for creating a successful sponsoring strategy and choosing the right form of sponsoring based on real case examples - with the output of defining recommendations for decision makers

Inge Murgasova | 2017

Change management as an integral part of successful project management - Utilization of change management steps in a change project in Production Company

Herbert Newald | 2014

Smart integration of Renewable Energy Sources in low voltage networks

Christopher Opetnik | 2013

Improvement of customer-supplier-relationship based on empirical studies and using characteristics of the Advanced Product Quality Planning

Rene Petzner | 2011

Standardization potential within the marketing mix in the central European region: analyzing the subsidiaries of Kia Motors Central Europe

Michaela Ploszeková | 2017

Identification of environmental potential and opportunities based on risk and impact determination for an OEM in the Automotive Industry

Michael Pollok | 2016

What impact crises have on market share and to what extent do the U.S. use crises to defend its market? A study about the Volkswagen diesel- and CO2-issue

Christoph Pöstinger | 2011

Development of a Project Governance Framework at an automotive supplier focusing on the role of the top management

Sebastian Antonio Predica | 2012

Pricing and profit in automotive Corporate sales business. How to achieve profitable sales to corporate customers.

Tomas Rajek | 2013

Disintermediation - Elimination of intermediaries in vehicle distribution affected by e-commerce

Tod Rees | 2016


Stefan Rosina | 2013

Marketing driven product innovation

Stefan Rottensteiner | 2016

Incorporation of customer needs in the early innovation stage of the Product Development cycle

Peter Sabo | 2016

Efficient project launch in automotive companies without R&D

Michael Markus Maria Schmidt | 2017

European Automotive OEMs: leveraging connected technologies and digitalization as a vital prerequisite to sustain Coping with the changing customer demand in a disruptive business environment

Franz Schneeberger | 2011

Supplier Rating as Basis for an Efficient Supplier Risk Management

Vadim Sebeykin | 2017

Coping with change: the case of EV manufacturer

Nadine Siedentopf | 2015

Design of an optimized inbound supply chain in the automotive industry

Dragan Simic | 2013

Applied open Innovation - a Case Study Analysis based on Electric Drive Technology Projects in the Automotive Industry

Radomir Sluk | 2017

Proposed approach to implement Industry 4.0 for custom production in engineering

Thomas Solderits | 2017

Guidelines for Electronic Manufacturing Service - projects integrated in the automotive development process

Zuzana Solopova | 2013

Project management optimization to increase implementation effectiveness

Alexandra Steiner | 2015

Challenges 2020 and their implications on Leadership - An evaluation of Leadership profiles at Continental Automotive Austria in regards to the changes in the Automotive Industry by 2020

Christina Stocker | 2012

Impact of Margins and Condition Systems in OEM - Dealer Relationship: Analysis of the Margin System do deduct Implications for a Bonus Model to steer Dealer Purchase Loyalty in the Automotive Spare Parts Business

Barbara Strasek | 2012

Production system for component manufacturer

Robert Stubenberger | 2013

Development of a unified performance measurement system for multiple production systems in lean production

Igor Suba | 2014

Project Management in Multi Companies & Products Group

Denis Teves | 2012

Critical success factors for procurement in the Austrian Automotive Industry

Pal-Levente Tibori | 2015

Prototyping in the automotive industry "Tools made from plastic"

Tomas Vercik | 2011

Analysis of the role of the manager in the target agreement process as a part of the performance management cycle in an automotive company.

Thomas Vossaert | 2014

Profit Organization Potentials in the Automotive Industry by Strategic Management of Optional Equipment Sales

Patrick Wagner | 2017

Customer awareness of European and country specific emission-reducing measures of passenger cars and the influence on the buying behavior of diesel cars - An empirical study in Austria

Alfred Waldhäusl | 2011

Development of a procedure for knowledge enhancement and transfer to increase efficiency of automotive sales teams

Ernst Weigl | 2011

Process Management and related quality aspects in the Automotive Industry

Maria Winkler | 2013

Service Innovation in the business relationship between Tier1 supplier and OEM - History, trends and impact on business model innovation; 18.05.2016: Frau Stefan hat geheiratet - neuer Nachname Winkler; SW

Hielke Ytsma | 2017

European Automotive OEMs: leveraging connected technologies and digitalization as a vital prerequisite to sustain Coping with the changing customer demand in a disruptive business environment

Matthias Zacharnik | 2013

Future of Automotive Industry - Outlook until 2025 in the framework of 13 automotive Megatrends.

Maxim Zaitsev | 2017

Risk-adjusted equity valuation of Tesla Motors: A practical application of Monte Carlo simulation to calibrate risk and uncertainty of risk in a Discounted Cash Flow valuation

Lei Zhang | 2017

Influencing of Car Apps to the Marketing Strategy and After-Sales Service in Automotive Industry - A Case Study of Dongfeng Peugeot

Aaron Nong Zhu | 2013

Market Entry of Chinese Electric Car in Europe: Perspectives for product specification and distribution

Norbert Zimerman | 2014

Implementation methods of Lean Management with practical exercises in automotive factory