Dr. Richard Zweiler

Dr. Richard Zweiler

Research institute for renewable energy

Dr. Zweiler studied Chemical Engineering at the Vienna University of Technology. Since his diploma thesis (design, erection and operation of the PDU for the scale-up of the FICFB CHP plant Güssing) in 1999 he is in involved in R&D as well as design and engineering of sustainable energy technologies. At the University of Economics and Business Administration he completed also the Certified Fellowship Management. After his Dissertation (pressurized gasification) in 2005 he gathered experience in the petrochemical industry. Amongst others he was active as a Lead Process Engineer in Nigeria. In 2007 the prodigal son came back and joined REPOTEC, where he was responsible for process design and plant layout.

Since October 2007 he is the managing director of Renet Güssing, which covers the technical part for thermal utilization of Renewables in Güssing. The Renet Güssing was founded in 2003 as a Non-Profit Institute for Research and Technology transfer. Beside the technical background, the design and engineering for district heating systems, boilers, CHPs and Biogas plants, the Renet Güssing nowadays is busy in developing Concept studies for municipalities and companies.


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