Dr. Gerfried Jungmeier

Dr. Gerfried Jungmeier

JOANNEUM RESEARCH Forschungsgesellschaft mbH, RESOURCES

Dr. Gerfried Jungmeier studied Mechanical Engineering at Graz University of Technology. He wrote his PhD on "Greenhouse gas balance of bio energy systems" in 1999. Since 1993 he has been employed as scientist at the Institute of Energy Research at Joanneum Research Forschungsgesellschaft mbH. Dr. Jungmeier is Chairperson of Cost Action E31 "Management of Recovered Wood". His research interests include life cycle assessment, bioenergy, emission and energy balances, and sustainable energy systems.

Dr. Jungmeier works currently in national and European founded projects on biofuels for transportation, hydrogen as future energy carrier, recovered wood as well as scenarios for future sustainable energy systems.


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