Dipl.-Ing.Dr.techn. Hermann Krauß

Dipl.-Ing.Dr.techn. Hermann Krauß

Dr. Krauß ZT GmbH

Since 1981 Dr. Hermann Krauß has been managing director of the Consulting and Engineering firm Zivilingenieurbüro Dr. Krauß (renamed to Dr. Krauß ZT GmbH in 2005). The focus of the firm’s activities has ever been the overall (turnkey) design of small to medium sized hydropower plants in Austria and European countries. Worldwide the firm has participated in the design of big hydropower and long-distance water pipeline projects in the role of an engineering subcontractor to EPC-contractors or as partner in design consortia.

Prior to the foundation of his firm Dr. Krauß was employed with ILF-Consulting Engineers in Innsbruck as project manager for the Arlberg Road Tunnel and for the long-distance water supply systems in Isfaham (Iran) and the Riyadh water transmission system (Saudi Arabia). Earlier, after his studies, Dr. Krauß was employed as assistant professor at the Institute of Hydraulic Construction at Technical University Graz and among others entrusted with hydraulic model tests.


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