Prof. Dr. Pall Valdimarsson

Prof. Dr. Pall Valdimarsson

pvald ehf

Pall Valdimarsson is a mechanical engineer with degrees from Iceland and Germany, and a Dr.Scient.Ing. degree from the University of Iceland.   He was at the University of Iceland from 1986 to 2012 thereof a full professor from 1996, with reduced duties since 2005, after becoming director R&D for Enex hf in Iceland.  He has three decades of experience in geothermal utilization, both for production of electricity as well as district heating, and has been a lecturer at the United Nations University Geothermal Training Program since 1986.

Pall Valdimarsson has done consulting and lecturing for various European Universities, the World Bank and energy companies such as NUON of Holland and Norsk Hydro. Other activities have included work in the field of internal combustion engines, hydrogen projects and aircraft propulsion.  He has been the president of the Icelandic Council of Standardization, member of the Icelandic Aircraft Accident Investigation Board as well as member of scientific councils within the Nordic Energy Research Program (NEFP).  He has now a consulting company, pvald ehf in addition to being adjunct professor at Reykjavik University.  His main client is Arctic Green Energy working on geothermal power production and geothermal district heating projects in China.  He is as well a consortium partner in the GeoSmart research project within the European Union Horizon 2020 program.



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