Mag.Dr. Erika Kleestorfer

Mag.Dr. Erika Kleestorfer

Kleestorfer Consulting

Erika Kleestorfer has over 20 years of working experience in management consulting and training as well as global team development and executive coaching. Erika’s career has included managerial roles in national and international organizations, including IBM, Neumann and since 2004, founding and leading her own company.

In her work, Erika focuses on organization consulting, leadership development, process facilitation, executive coaching, intercultural training/diversity and team development. She is particularly interested in supporting senior managers in their decision-making processes, sustaining their learning, development and facilitating change processes.

Erika works with organizations, teams and individuals and restarts processes that have come to a halt. Her main line of action is to reactivate available resources, mobilize existing talents, bundle the energy available and tap potential. Erika successfully combines good business sense with a profound knowledge of the individual and what it takes to succeed.
She works in a process-oriented manner, employing the most appropriate method in this specific situation. Her aim is to unlock the hidden potential of the coachee to turn their talents into concrete results.
Erika is a senior fellow of the Oxford Leadership Academy (UK) and Educator for Duke Corporate Education (US). She is also very fond of working with students and teaching Management & Leadership at the WU and TU, Vienna as well as developing/training future Coaches.

She is part of the supervisory board of the ’architects of the future’. The architects are pioneers of a new economy that connects holistic thinking with successful entrepreneurship, compassion and solidarity with social activism.

Erika is based in Vienna, and works in both English and German.


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