Dipl.-Ing. Géza-Richard Horn

Dipl.-Ing. Géza-Richard Horn

former Carl Zeiss AG / IFMA (Germany)

Dipl.-Ing. Géza-Richard Horn, architect, was responsible for worldwide real estate development and support at Carl Zeiss AG since 1996 and managed various projects in Brazil, Korea, South Africa, England, France, Sweden, Czech Republic, etc. He previously worked as a consultant at the Carl Zeiss AG.

He was President of IFMA Germany e.V. (2003 to 2006), co-founder of RealFM e.V. and President of RealFM (2006 to 2010).

Today, he supports companies in strategic real estate, facility management and planning tasks and has worked as a Lecturer at colleges and universities. He is teaching at the University of Nürtingen Geislingen as a visiting professor basics of Facility Management, Property Management and International Facility Management.

Géza-Richard Horn is a certified Facility Manager, founding member of REUG TU Wien (Real Estate User Group) and honorary Managing Director of the Professional Association RealFM.


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