Dipl.-Ing. Alexandra Amerstorfer

Dipl.-Ing. Alexandra Amerstorfer

Kommunalkredit Public Consulting

Alexandra Amerstorfer is Executive Director of Kommunalkredit Public Consulting Ltd. (KPC) and especially responsible for the Climate and Energy Department within KPC.

This comprises the coordination and the strategic development of the Environmental funding schemes in Austria as well as the management of the Austrian JI/CDM Purchasing Programme, which purchases Emission Reductions for the Austrian Kyoto-target all over the world. Both programmes are managed by KPC on behalf of the Austrian government. Aside she is Sustainability Manager for the Kommunalkredit Group.
Alexandra Amerstorfer is Dipl.Ing. (equivalent M.Eng) in Economic Engineering – Technical Chemistry and has over 14 years experience in the management of environmental projects. For KPC, a 90 % subsidiary of Kommunalkredit Austria AG, a bank specialised on public finance, she works since 2000. Before she was engaged in different functions in Consulting Companies focusing on environmental and energy projects.


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