Mag. Helmut Maislinger

Mag. Helmut Maislinger

Energiewerkstatt GmbH

After graduating from the HTL Braunau (Secondary College of Engineering) in the areas of electrical engineering and power electronics and then completing a graduate degree at the Faculty of Natural Science on the University of Salzburg, Helmut Maislinger pursued his interest in renewable energy and, in 2001, joined the team of the Energiewerkstatt GmbH, the largest planning office for wind energy in Austria.

The Energiewerkstatt GmbH is a consulting engineering office for electro-technology and biology. Helmut Maislinger is managing director of the Office of Biology at the Energiewerkstatt GmbH, supervisor of the planning department and project manager. In addition to his participation in the technical planning of projects, Helmut Maislinger focuses on Environmental Impact Assessment and strategic environmental scoping.


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