Prof.Dr. Emil Hierhold

Prof.Dr. Emil Hierhold

Consultant for strategic messages and personal presence


Dr. (law) University of Vienna 1966
after 16 years in marketing and sales for companies such as Unilever and PepsiCo, founding of HPS, an institute specialising in training and consulting for business communications. Clients are national and multinational companies as well as small enterprises.

Main focus of work

Hierhold concentrates on coaching top executives for important appearances (working on personal presence, individual style, and delivery skills). He consults companies in issues of self-presentation, such as strategic positioning (mission / vision statements), message-making (including wording and key visuals). Furthermore, he conducts compact workshops and gives talks for special audiences and occasions. He also teaches currently at the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration and at the Technical University of Vienna.


(all German language published by Redlne): 3 books (on presentation skills, on selling to groups, and on negotiation skills), editor of a quarterly newsletter and regular contributor to various magazines on the subject of executive communication skills.


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