Dr. Kaluba Chitumbo

Dr. Kaluba Chitumbo

former Director in the IAEA, Department of Safeguards

Dr Chitumbo has BSc (1969) in Chemistry, Physics and Maths and PhD (1975) in Physical Chemistry, University of Uppsala, Sweden. He did Postgraduate Research at Queens University, Canada (1976) and several training courses at the IAEA in Nuclear Technology, Safeguards and Nuclear Control and Regulatory Systems. January to August 2009 Faculty Member at the World Nuclear University Summer Institute at Oxford University.

Dr. Chitumbo is a consultant in Nuclear Technology, Nuclear energy and Safeguards. He is former Director in the IAEA, Department of Safeguards; responsible for implementation of Safeguards in Asia (Japan, South Korea, North  Korea (DPRK), Indonesia, Australia, Malaysia, Myanmar, People’s Republic of China, Taiwan, China, Vietnam, Small Quantity Protocol countries).


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