Dipl.-Ing.Dr. Edmond Hajrizi

Dipl.-Ing.Dr. Edmond Hajrizi

University for Business and Technology, Prishtina

Study of Mechanical Engineering and Master's ­Science (MSc.) at the University Prishtina
Study of Computer ­Science and Ph.D. (Dr.techn.) on Engineering Management at the Vienna ­University of Technology
Quality Management - Manager at the TÜV Academy
Leadership and Business Administration at the Institute for Business Promotion - WIFI Vienna.

Teaching Assistant at the University of Prishtina ­(Mechanical Engineering Faculty). Research Assistant at the ­­Vienna University of Technology (Department: Intelligent, ­Manufacturing Systems and Department of Simulation Techniques). ­Software ­engineer at the AUSTRO-TECH, Technical Consulting and ­Software Engineering, Vienna. Team leader and member of several ­industrial projects. Executive Director at the Institute for ­Enterprise ­Management and Engineering, Prishtina. Habilitation in ­Engineering Management at Vienna University of Technology.

Research Interests Areas (Management, ­Engineering, ­Computing)
Management Topics (Operations ­Management, ­­Process ­Management, Project Management, Workflow ­Management, ­Totally Quality Management, Supply Chain ­Management, ­Knowledge ­Management, Business ­Re-Engineering, ­Management Methods), Operation Research, Multicriteria ­Optimization, ­Artifical ­Intelligence and Soft - Computing, Information ­Technology ­(Software ­Engineering, Computer Simulation, Computer Aided ­Design, ­Internet Applications), E-Business & E-Learning, ­Production and ­Industry Automation, Intelligent ­Manufacturing Systems, Robotics, International Technology Transfer and Know How.


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