Univ.Doz. Dr. Robert M. Kunst

Institute for Advanced Studies (IHS)


Biographical Information

  • Degrees
    Dipl.Ing. ('diploma engineer') Vienna University of Technology, 1981
    Dr. Vienna University of Technology, 1984
    Univ.Doz. (Senior Lectureship, venia legendi) Vienna University of Technology, 1994

Major Fields of Research

Time-series econometrics
(in particular, seasonality, cointegration, ARCH models, model selection)
Applied econometrics


Selected publications in Journals:

  • "Seasonal prediction of European cereal prices: good forecasts using bad models?," (with A. Jumah) Journal of Forecasting, vol. 27(5), pages 391-406.
  • "Modeling Fixed Investment and Its Components: An Application of Non-Linear Error Correction," (with Adusei Jumah). In: Christian Dreger and Heinz P. Galler (editors): 'Advances in macroeconomic modeling,' Nomos 2005.
  • Decisions on Seasonal Unit Roots (with Michael Reutter), Journal of Statistical Computation and Simulation 72, 403-418 (2002).
  • Forecasting High-frequency Financial Data with the ARFIMA-ARCH model (with Michael A. Hauser), Journal of Forecasting 20, 501-518 (2001).
  • The Effects of Dollar/Sterling Exchange Rate Volatility on Futures Markets for Coffee and Cocoa (with Adusei Jumah), European Review of Agricultural Economics 28, 307-328 (2001).


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