Assoc.Prof. Dr. Marion Pötz

Assoc.Prof. Dr. Marion Pötz

Copenhagen Business School | Danmark

Dr. Marion Pötz is Associate Professor at the Department of Innovation and Organizational Economics at Copenhagen Business School (CBS). Prior to that she was a researcher and lecturer at the Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU Vienna) and a visiting scholar at MIT Sloan School of Management.

Her primary research areas relate to the management of innovation and technology and new product development with a focus on mechanisms and effects of distributed innovation. She is particularly interested in aspects of search for innovation-related knowledge located outside the boundaries of the searching organization and investigates the effects of contextual distance on innovation performance. Core questions of this research relate to how organizations can access and leverage distributed sources of innovation (search and collaboration methods), what influences the selection and set-up of external search and subsequently what are related effects of different search and collaboration strategies on organizations’ ability to innovate. As part of her studies she also researches the role of (lead) users in generating innovations and has developed a model for efficiently applying lead user studies in corporate innovation efforts.

Marion Pötz teaches courses and course modules at different CBS’ master programs and engages in international executive teaching in the fields of entrepreneurship and innovation. Furthermore, she has been a consultant to companies from various industries and an academic advisor to national and international governmental institutions and ministries. She is affiliated with the Danish Research Unit for Industrial Dynamics (DRUID), the Danish User-centered Innovation Lab (DUCI) and the CBS World Class Research Environment in Open Innovation.


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