Univ.Doz. Dr. Klaus Ritzberger

Institute for Advanced Studies (IHS)

Biographical information

  • Degrees
    1982: Mag. rer.soc.oec. at the University of Vienna.
    1987: Dr. rer.soc.oec. at the University of Vienna.
    1996: Universitäts-Dozent at the University of Vienna.
  • Teaching Experience
    Courses on Microeconomics, Production Theory, Oligopoly, Game Theory, Financial Economics, Evolutionary Game Theory, General Equilibrium Theory. Seminars on Microeconomics, Game Theory, Financial Economics, Probability Theory, Information Economics.

Major fields of research

Non-Cooperative Game Theory, Industrial Organization, General Equilibrium Theory, Evolutionary Economics, Financial Economics, Mathematical Economics, Monetary Microeconomics.


Selected articles in Journals:

  • "Trees and Extensive Forms" (with C. Alós-Ferrer), Journal of Economic Theory , forthcoming.
  • "Price Normalization under Imperfect Competition,'' Economic Theory, 2007, 33, 365-368.
  • "From Evolutionary to Strategic Stability" (with S. Demichelis) Journal of Economic Theory, 2003, 113(1), 51-75.
  • Evolutionary Selection in Normal Form Games" (jointly with J. W. Weibull, Stockholm), in: Econometrica, vol. 63, nr. 6, 1995, 1371-1399.


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