Mag. Dr. Erhard Prantz

Mag. Dr. Erhard Prantz

Kronotec Consulting GmbH

Studies at University of Vienna in Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics, Psychology, Pedagogic and Economy (Mag.), scientific dissertation in Organic Chemistry, Biochemistry, Kinetics and Computer Application.
Three years Assistant Professor in Chemistry at University of Vienna.

Three years Head of R&D of a chemical company. Head of production and technical director of the biggest chemical company in Lower Austria.
1990 - 1996 Managing Director of Krems Chemie AG.
1997 - 2000 Vice President, Director of Dyno Industrier Asa, Norway. Responsible for world wide business development.
Since 2000 Vice President of Kronospan Group, the world biggest enterprises in Woodworking Industry. 21 Plants within Europe and China (Woodworking plants, chemical plants, paper factories)


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