DI Stefan Faatz

DI Stefan Faatz

Technische Universität Wien

DI Stefan Faatz
Technische Universität Wien

Stefan Faatz is working self employed in the fields of organisational development, training, mediation and coaching in the construction industry. As a civil engineer he combines the technical and logical approach of an engineer with various interpersonal skills (mediation, group dynamics, coaching,…).

He is a member of the austrian scientific network “Mensch in der Bauwirtschaft” where differ-ent projects are developed to focus the human being in the context of the construction indus-try. He was working in several projects in the field of design briefing and programming, one scientific approach in this field was to use real estate as strategic intervention tool in organi-sational change processes.

University lectures at the Vienna University of Technology:

  • Programming – from Task Definition to Problem Solving
  • Project Development
  • Planning process and Construction Project Management 2
  • Design Course “Concrete Student Trophy”
  • University lectures at other Universities
  • Group dynamical strategies – University of Vienna, Faculty of Social Sciences
  • Design Briefing – Guest Lecturer - University of Belgrade, Faculty of Architecture


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