Dipl.-Ing. Jan W. Bleyl

Dipl.-Ing. Jan W. Bleyl

Energetic Solutions

Jan W. Bleyl has pursued studies in energy and process engineering as well as in energy economics at TU Berlin and Humboldt State University, California. Over the last 20 years, Mr. Bleyl has acquired knowledge and experiences in a broad range of energy (efficiency) systems in national (Austria, Germany) and international (Europe, Asia, Africa) context. Since 1994 he developed and managed the ESCo division of Berlin Energy Agency Ltd and served as authorized manager (Prokurist). In 2002 he founded “Energetic Solutions”, an independent energy services and efficiency consultancy and joined Graz Energy Agency Ltd as senior consultant (until 2012).

Since 2006, Mr. Bleyl leads Task 16, the Energy Services task of the International Energy Agency’s Demand Side Management Implementing Agreement (IEA DSM).

During the last 5 years Jan has developed a special interest in bankable project calculations, translating MWh into cash flows and vice versa (for technical due diligence).


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