Dr. Johann Auer

Dr. Johann Auer

Technische Universität Wien

Hans Auer is a Senior Research Scientist at Energy Economics Group at Vienna University of Technology. He holds a PhD in Energy Economics (2000) and a MSc. in Electrical Engineering (1996) both from Vienna University of Technology. Hans joined Energy Economics Group in 1995. He has been on leave at Berlin University of Technology in 1997 and at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory at University of California in 1998. Since 1995 Hans has been involved in almost all fields of research and activities (e.g. organisation of conferences, energy talks) at Energy Economics Group.

His main research interests are electricity market analyses in general and regulatory aspects of grid and market integration of DG/RES-E technologies in this context in particular. Since 2003 he has been coordinating a series of European projects
(GreenNet, GreenNet-EU27, GreenNet-Incentives; www.greennet-europe.org).

Hans also has been coordinating many other international and national projects for a variety of different clients. He has comprehensive teaching experience, has been contributing to many energy conferences worldwide and has also authored around 25 peer reviewed scientific papers and book contributions.


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