Renewable Energy in Central and Eastern Europe

Class 2005 - 2007, April 04, 2008

Congratulation to all alumnis of the first class.

DI Christoph Aste, MSc
Peter Gergely Kovács, MBA,MSc
Péter Krupánszky, BA,MSc
DI Pavol Lunter, MSc
DI Norbert Machan, MSc
DI(FH) Alexander Maier, MSc
Dr. Günter Maier, MSc
Ing. Andreas Mixa, MSc
DI Martina Prechtl, MSc
Dr. Arno Recheis, MSc
Mgr. Ludovit Sluka, MSc
DI(FH) Harald Stütz, MSc
Dr. Gabriela Telias, MSc
Mag. Hermann Wieser, MSc
Ing. Josef Zeiller, MSc




Guestspeaker was MR. Dr. Gerhard Burian

Title of the speech was:
"Renewable Energy - Worldwide Answers to a Global Challenge"


Welcome and Ceremonial Opening
Closing of the Ceremony

by Vice Rector for International Affairs
Univ.Prof. Dr. Hans Kaiser

Review and Preview by the academic director
Univ.Prof. DDr. Helmut Drobir

Music by
Vienna University of Technology Orchestra


Valedictorian of the Alumni
Dr. Arno Recheis, MSc



Finish the evening with a relaxed atmosphere

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