January 23, 2006

Welcome Reception MSc Program "Renewable Energy in Central and Eastern Europe"

January 20, 2006 at "Wien Museum"

On January 20th, 2006 the unique cross-national postgraduate master program "Renewabel Energy in Central and Eastern Europe" was inaugurated by a ceremonial and festive welcome reception in the premises of "Wien Museum". The cooperation partners, Vienna University of Technology and Energiepark Bruck/Leitha, invited numerous well known personalities from the fields of science, economy and research to this welcome reception.

Rector and Univ.Prof.Dr. Peter Skalicky spoke about the standing of this exceptional master of science program, which deals with the contribution of alternative energy in the future. Topic of the speach of Univ.Prof.Dr. Hans K. Kaiser, Vice Rector, was the postgraduate education program at Vienna University of Technology.

The crown of this event was the guiding idea to subject "With renewable energy creating growth for Europe" of Key Note Speaker Dr. Franz Fischler, president of Eco-social Forum Europe.

Among the 120 guests, the members of Advisory Boards can be mentioned as guests of honour. For the Advisory Board of the MSc-program following persons have been won over: Dr. Franz Fischler (President Eco-social Forum Europe), MR Dr. Gerhard Burian (Federal Ministry of Economics and Labour), member of the provincial government Dipl-Ing. Josef Plank (provincial government of Lower Austria), Mag. Peter Engerth (Raiffeisen Leasing GmbH) und Univ.Prof.Dr. Peter Skalicky (Rector Vienna University of Technology).
Along with Federal Council Michaela Gansterer, representatives from different energy supply companies, from Regional Development Austria and from the Austrian lobby of renewable energy took part in this celebratory welcome reception.

Univ.Prof.Dr. Helmut Drobir (Academic Direcetor, Vienna University of Technology) and Dipl.-Ing. Martina Prechtl (Energiepark Bruck/Leitha) presented this event together. According to this, the event was accompanied with the ensable "Regös egyuttes", which was a feast for the eyes too because of their traditional liveries. This cross-border component of this master program was underlined by Austrian, Hungarian and Slovak compositions.

All 25 students were presented individually to the audience. The group of postgraduate students consists of different nationalities which points the internationality of this program out.

The students position themselves better, because on one hand they will be the first alumni after four semesters. And on the other hand the final degree "Master of Science (MSc)" will be granted by Vienna University of Technology to them.

Much success and all the best to the students for their postgraduate study!

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