15. April 2010

Info Session on June 11, 2010

Your key to the top engineering league.

Since 1995 more than 100 graduates finished this part-time MSc Engineering Management Program which is tailor-made for European small and medium-sized enterprises facing a growing and increasingly competitive market. It is designed to prepare graduates from technical and economic universities as well as participants with similar qualification for leadership positions. 

The program will also be especially valuable for individuals who have already started their management career.

Shortly the content of the program is newly adapted.  The topics, like Biotechnology; New Materials; Nano- & Femtotechnology; End of life Management (EoL); Medical Technology; Research Funding; e-Business; Enterprise Systems Management; Business Applications of Internet; Technology Leadership etc. are also included. 

Internationally distinguished experts  are members of this highly acclaimed faculty, either through their sound interdisciplinary scientific knowledge or their extensive practical experience in the field of Engineering Management. All lectures will be held in English and currently this program is scheduled part-time in form of 14 weekend modules (Friday to Tuesday) in Vienna. 

The next program will start on October 1, 2010.  The deadline for the application is by July 31, 2010.

On June 11, 2010 7.00 pm the Continuing Education Center of the Vienna University of Technology is presenting the MSc Engineering Management in the form of an info-session.  The Academic Director and the Program Management will provide detailed information about the program and discuss its contents as well as all organizational matters. 

Please send the registration to this free event to engineering(at)tuwien.ac.at until June 4, 2010 at latest. 


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