03. May 2010

Excursion to IGM Robotersysteme AG, Györ, Hungary

In the framework of MSc Engineering Management Program the second excursion to the Production Site of the IGM Robotersysteme AG (IGM) in Györ, Hungary took place on April 27, 2010 to learn the management of an Austrian High Tech company.

IGM was founded 1967 as a dealership for welding technology. In the late 70s they entered in the market of industrial robots with the development of a two-arm welding robot. In 1985 they delivered the first large–scale systems to international customers. Today, about 90% of their systems are exported in all nations. In 2009 their total turnover was approximately 123M€. IGM employs 275 people worldwide, 75 of which work in their headquarters in Wiener Neudorf, Austria. The site in Wiener Neudorf represents the head quarter, group administration, international sales & services, R&D and training center. The production, assembly, test and also dispatch & logistics of robots are done in Györ, Hungary.

IGM offers a wide range of customized solutions for automated welding and cutting processes. The product variety includes individual applications for robot welding and cutting technology. They provide systems for truck industry, excavator manufacturing, railway construction, boiler manufacturing and shipbuilding. Almost all the robots are made upon the customers’ order which takes an average of six months. The service of the company is to invite the customer for welding tests in the demo workshop and also to offer a comprehensive training of their staff before disassembling the robots for shipping.

It was a great opportunity to learn how an Austrian High Tech company establishes and operates a production site in Hungary and is managed successfully to be a global player in the world robot market.


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