September 17, 2011

What happens in reality?

Site visits in Austria and Slovakia of MBA students

After finishing  the module “Automotive Production and Logistics” the students of the Professional MBA Automotive Industry had the opportunity to see  the implementation of their acquired knowledge in reality by visiting four factories in Austria and Slovakia.

The first station was the Schenker DB Logistic Center in Gunskirchen, Upper Austria. DB Schenker Logisticswas founded in 1872 in Vienna and is one of the world’s largest leading providers of logistics services. DB Schenker in Gunskirchen is offering a tailor-made logistics for an engine producer Rotax. It was a good opportunity for the students to see the tailor-made logistic concepts and their implementation. They  got an impression how a non-automated handling and storage solution ensures the flexibility of the whole system and how the information technology supports it.

One of the innovative Austrian High Tech companies is Rosenbauer International AG. It is a world leading company in the fire fighting sector. Its strength is the know-how to build complex, custom-built fire fighting systems and vehicles covering from design and production of all fire fighting systems, fire engineering superstructures and adequate control of the overall systems. One of new products is the escape stairs for the Airbus 380. At the moment Rosenbauer International is strongly expanding in Russia.  A manager explained the implementation and their experience of the recently introduced supply chain management system. During the tour through the work floor the students obtained detailed insights of the production and the implementation of the supply chain management system.

Tower Automotive located in Slovakia is one of leading global manufacturers of engineered structural metal components and assemblies. Body-structure stampings, frames and other chassis structures, as well as complex welded assemblies for cars are produced and supplied automotive industry. One of the graduates introduced the company and guided through the hall. It was impressive for all participants to hear about his career development after his graduation of the program. The MBA program gave him the capability to see and solve problems in a global view.

In addition participants visited Grupo Antolin, one of leading global suppliers of component for vehicle interiors. Grupo Antolin Bratislava is producing headliners and overhead systems.  After the presentation participants had possibilities to see the production line and the quality requirements of the OEMs in the shop floor.

The excursion gave the students opportunities to obtain deep insights of production and logistics.

The program management and participants expressed their sincere thanks to the companies and managers who guided the tour.

The development of the program is supported by European Regional Development Fund and Cross-border cooperation programme Slovakia – Austria 2007-2013.



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