January 23, 2012

Renewable Energy Excursion to the Biomass Plant Simmering

Thursday, January 19, 2012

MSc "Renewable Energy" students of class 2011-2013 visited the Biomass Plant Simmering with lecturer Dr. Mario Ortner at their lecture of Module 2 "Biomass, Biogas & Biofuels".

Please find below detailed information about the biomass plant:

economic and technical characteristics


capital expenditure € 52 mil.
annual production75 m³/h -> 600,000 m³/a
annual electricity productionapprox. 160 GWh
annual heat productionapprox. 94 GWh
inputForest wood chip, bark, unprocessed residues from wood sawing
operatorWIEN ENERGIE Bundesforste Biomasse GmbH und Co KG


The biomass-fuelled power plant is located on the premises of Wien-Simmering power plant.

energy production:

The technological concept consists of fuel storage tank, separator of metal and pieces with excessive size, silos for fuel, steam boiler with circulating whirling layer and integrated catalyst for decreasing dioxide nitrogen content, bleeder condensing turbine and a device for cleaning combustion gases (see scheme). Wood chip delivered by trucks is unloaded into fuel storage tank and after separating pieces with excessive size, as well as metals, it is temporarily stored in the fuel silo, or transported directly into the supply feeding storage tank. The steam produced by the steam boiler is used in the bleeder condensing turbine for producing electric energy and in combined operation, also for heat production. With the plant efficiency level of more than 80 % (winter operation), it is possible to supply approx. 12,000 households with the heat through the distant heat distribution system and approx. 48,000 households with electric energy.

initial spark:

The Wien Energie company was examining, jointly with the city of Vienna, possibilities of realizing biomass-fuelled power plants in Vienna according to ecological, technical and economical criteria already in 2001. Construction of the plant for combined production of electric energy and heat fuelled by forest biomass proved to be feasible.

special features:

The biomass-fuelled power plant Simmering supplies electric energy to approx. 48,000 households of the Vienna city and distantly distributed heat to approx. 12,000 households. By utilizing forest biomass for electric energy and heat production in the biomass-fuelled power plant Simmering, the saving of fossil fuels in the extent of approx. 72,000 t of black coal, approx. 47,000 t of heating oil and approx. 49.7 mil. cubic metres of natural gas has been achieved. Based on this, the plant in Simmering is nowadays the biggest biomass-fuelled power plant in Europe. Marginal values of emissions given in the permission decision are significantly below values indicated in the directive on air quality for boiler facilities (LRV-K) for plants with steam boilers burning wood.

time of construction:

The construction began in September 2004. In June 2006, the plant started full operation.
WIEN ENERGIE Bundesforste Biomasse GmbH und Co KG  

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