02. February 2012

Careerpaths: Alumni of the MSc Economics

Students graduating in the IHS Economics master program are hearing from universities all over the world about their admission successes. They look forward to continue their graduate education in world famous institutions. We asked them about their impressions.

LISA WINDSTEIGER (London School of Economics)
“Studying at the IHS, I obtained a deep and interesting insight into academia. The program may be hard work, but it is definitely a good preparation for a high- level PhD-program and it can open the doors to even the most reputable places. I am very much looking forward to doing my PhD at the London School of Economics.“

“For me, the IHS was the crucial springboard to Yale. Without the program, I doubt that I would have gotten the great opportunity to do my PhD at such a prestigious university. The program was intense and involved a large amount of work, but it really paid off in the end. And it was also a lot of fun to study with a great group of peers.“

SIMON NEUMÜLLER (Geneva University)
“Prior to the IHS program I obtained a BA in Governance & Public Policy. Having this rather unusual background for graduate studies in economics, the IHS gave me the opportunity to get familiar with the tools necessary to conduct up-to-date research. Hence, I am now really looking forward to pursue a PhD in International Economics at the Graduate Institute in Geneva.“

ANDREAS GULYÁS (University of California, LA)
“For anybody who wants to pursue an academic career, the Master program at IHS is the place to be. Faculty is really approachable and their doors are always open for you to drop by. They not only are very helpful inside a classroom setting, but moreover they provide invaluable support during the PhD application process.“

THOMAS JUNGBAUER (Northwestern University)
“In Economic Theory, Kellogg School is second to none. Not only does an IHS Master’s degree enable top-class placement it moreover provides its students with a solid background in Economics and rigorous quantitative training necessary to excel in such programs. While focusing on American PhD-style coursework, 2nd-years enjoy to collaborate with world-class faculty on research questions of their choice.“

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©text & interviews: Aram Ghadimi


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