February 07, 2012

Optimize your success with professional facility management

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The understanding of the term “Facility Management” has changed in Austria. In contrast to recent perception, Facility Management is more than being a “janitor” or “residential manager”. Facility Management is about carrying out secondary processes professionally and about supporting the core business activities of an organization. FM creates economic, ecological and social added value and real estate is considered throughout its entire life-cycle.

Meanwhile, facility management has been established as a renowned field of management. Both on national and international level the demand for facility managers is increasing. In order to respond to this development, the industry needs well trained and qualified experts. The right education supplements organizations and employees in professional facility management and keeps them updated on current trends and developments.

We offer broad academic education in the field of Facility Management, combining the fields of management, business, legal aspects and technology. Our program imparts the necessary theoretical knowledge as well as practical know how.

Our education in the field of FM covers the following content:
•    Fundamentals of Facility Management (4 days, March 2012)
•    Economics & General Management (12 days: April / May / June / 2012)
•    Facility Services & Management of Facility Services (5 days: September / October 2012)
•    Facility Management: Strategic, tactical and operative aspects (6,5 days: November / December 2012)
•    Legal Compliance (6,5 days: January / February 2013)
•    Aspects of Architecture & Construction Technology (7 days: March / April 2013)
•    Organizational Behavior,  Leadership & Project management (8 days: May / June / September 2013)
•    Information systems within FM (5,5 days: October / November 2013)

These modules are part of the postgraduate “Professional MBA Facility Management” which starts on March 22, 2012. It is designed for individuals who are interested in comprehending the complexity of managing buildings and facilities and already have gained professional experience in this field of work.  Applications are accepted until February 14.
For further information please visit fm.tuwien.ac.at.


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