February 08, 2012

Success stories of Austrian high-tech companies

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In January 2012 the first excursion to MIBA Sinter Group and Rosenbauer International took place.

MIBA was founded in 1927. In 1955 the brand name MIBA was introduced and first engine bearings were exported. At more than 20 production sites worldwide MIBA is producing the sintered components, engine bearings, friction material, power electronic components and
coatings. MIBA Sinter Group develops and manufactures high-precision components from sintered metal, which enables customer to make vehicles more efficient, or environmental friendly and more silent. After the factory tour

MIBA Sinter Group presented its research and development activities. Our students had an opportunity to get information about the budgeting after the crisis and how MIBA has coped with the financial crisis and has prepared for a possible Eurozone crash scenario. To be successful in the future MIBA is extending the product portfolio, increasing the presence in BRIC countries, and installing more local production facilities in their export countries. Since 2010 MIBA is giving more efforts in the fields of electronics and e-mobility.

Rosenbauer International AG is the leading manufacturer for the fire-fighting vehicles, advanced fire-fighting components and fire & safety equipment. One of major strengths of the company is the production capability of the wide range of municipal fire fighting vehicles and aerials built to both European as well as US standards. In December 2011 Rosenbauer got a big order from Saudi Arabia for enlarging and modernizing the Kingdom's fire-fighting sector. Rosenbauer will deliver 1125 vehicles in amount of 245,3 Million Euros. In parallel the company is strongly expanding in Russia. One of their recent products is the rescue stair vehicle whose operational heights are suitable for all aircrafts inclusive Airbus 380. The CFO (Chief Financial Officer) of Rosenbauer gave an overview of the company and its financial situation. The company is not really affected by the financial crisis, because the major customers are  public authorities. The revenue of the company is constantly increasing. During the tour through the work floor our students had the possibility  in getting detailed insights of the production of fire fighting vehicles.

Summarizing - it was a good chance to learn more about the success stories and strategies of two mostly founder’s family owned high-tech companies in Austria and how successful they are in their market.

The next program starts on October 4, 2012. More information on the program, its contents and the Faculty at http://automotive.tuwien.ac.at

The development of the Professional MBA Automotive Industry is supported by European Regional Development Fund and the Slovak-Austrian cross-border cooperation programme 2007-2013.


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