February 23, 2012

ERC Advanced Grant awarded to flood scientist at TUV

Prof. Günter Blöschl is awarded for one of the highest-paying grants of the European research community.

Prof. Günter Blöschl

Every year there are enormous flood waters all over the world. At the Vienna University of Technology the investigation of such natural disasters is encouraged by EU funds. Günter Blöschl, Professor at the Centre for Water Resource Systems at the TUV, and his team will analyze possible causes for flood waters for the last years with new concepts and models worked out at TUV.

The ERC Advanced Grant carries a value of 2.5 million EUR. Prof. Blöschl is the fourth person at TUV to be honoured with this grant.

Prof. Blöschl also is a faculty member of the MSc Program “Renewable Energy in Central & Eastern Europe” offered by TUV. Within this program he gives lectures on water resource assessment. You´ll find further information on our website http://newenergy.tuwien.ac.at


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