February 28, 2012

New: Checklist for Housing Development at klima:aktiv

Since February 2012 a new checklist for housing development (new development and renovation) is available online.

(C) iStockphoto, Jeffrey Smith

klima:aktiv is the Austrian climate protection initiative launched by the Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management, embedded in the Austrian federal climate strategy. The primary objective of klima:aktiv is to introduce and promote climate friendly technologies and services.
Some of the core topics of klima:aktiv are:
• Setting standards and safeguarding quality. Young and booming markets often cannot provide for quality. Therefore, klima:aktiv focuses on safeguarding quality by introducing quality standards for products and services and by establishing quality management systems, e.g. for biomass district heating systems or for buildings.
• Providing advice and support. klima:aktiv mainly focuses on offering consulting to companies interested in making their production processes energy efficient, or renovating their facilities, or introducing mobility management, or changing over to energy efficient appliances and IT systems.

klima:aktiv provides for the empowerment of the existing consultants by equipping them with new tools, by benchmarking energy efficiency and by offering further training on specific issues to consultants. One of such tools is the new checklist for housing development. The „klima:aktiv Building Standard“ is a proof of quality for buildings being energy efficient, ecological and comfortable at a high level. The standard is based on categories defined in the new checklist.

A compact overview of the categories is given in a brochure (only available in German):


The Continuing Education Center of the University of Technology in Vienna is klima:aktiv partner and offers special Master Programs in the field of renewable energy and environmental technologies.



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