March 05, 2012

Excursion to Slovak components suppliers

In February 2012 the excursion to Slovak components suppliers, Grupo Antolin, Bratislava and Matador Group, Bratislava took place.

Grupo Antolin, Bratislava Ltd. is an interior producer for JIT (Just in Time) delivery to Volkswagen Slovakia. After the introduction of the company participants were divided into three groups according to their interest - logistics, production and technology. Each group had a task to make suggestions and comments for the improvements. The production group surveyed the ergonomic of the assembly. After visit they suggested the improvement of maintenance of screwing. The more profitable investment of the automation was proposed by the technology group. The use of Kanban system at the material flow of sunblind of SUVs was the suggestion of the logistics group. For the participants it was a good opportunity to see the production of a JIT producer. On the other hand the company got also valuable suggestions and recommendations from the participants who are managers of different automotive and components suppliers.

Onwards, the participants visited the Matador Group to learn the human resource management and the importance of the leadership in multicultural teams of a Slovak component supplier. As panelists Ing. Jaroslav Holeček, the former Member of the Board of Directors and HR Manager of Volkswagen of Slovakia, Prof. Vladimír Labáth, expert on the conflict resolution in non-governmental and commercial organizations, Prof. Frantisek Horňák, Vice Rector for Education of STU Bratislava, and Prof. Erich Weisbier, expert on creativity and change management, rhetoric and argumentation, organizational development joined the discussion. The topics were different aspects of coaching, problems of multicultural and intergeneration differences and peculiarities of working in global acting company.

It was a good chance to get information about organizational behaviour, leadership and executive coaching as well as to meet experts from the Slovak automotive industry.

The development of the Professional MBA Automotive Industry is supported by European Regional Development Fund and the Slovak-Austrian cross-border cooperation programme 2007-2013.


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