March 27, 2012

Welcome Reception of the Professional MBA Facility Management Class 2012-2014

On March 22, the Welcome Reception of the fourth class of the Professional MBA Facility Management was held at the Vienna University of Technology.

The Dean of Academic Affairs for Continuing Education ao.Univ. Prof. Bob Martens welcomed the participants and gave them an outlook on the upcoming four semesters and the tight schedule that comes with it.
The festive speech was held by Dr. Horst Pichlmüller, CEO of Osiris Management & Consulting and President of IFMA Austria. He mentioned the challenges that the students will meet in the next two years and underlined the impact of laws and guidelines of the European Union, such as the guideline on energy efficiency on the work of a Facility Manager. He also stressed the advantages of involving a Facility Manager at the onset of a project, since the Facility Manager’s involvement in the project development can significantly increase savings in the operating costs.

Subsequently, the ten participants of the MBA-program introduced themselves and used the opportunity to get to know each other.

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