March 30, 2012

The prototype of the kindergarden sail has been erected

The kindergarden sail, which has been developed as part of a practice project by the students of the “Membrane Lightweight Structures” program has taken form. Even if the task is allegedly simple: students encountered the same difficulties as with large projects and had to find ways to solve them.
In October 2011, the jury selected a design which has been elaborated by the winning team and presented to the jury in January 2012. At this time, the prototype was temporarily erected in order to present the sail to the staff of the kindergarden. The result of the design is really impressive: a corner of the courtyard which has not been used up until now will be transformed into a light and protected playing area for the kindergarden kids.
Since the measures and the calculations always need to be adapted to the soil conditions and the loads, a soil test and a soil report was carried out.
The sail will most probably be erected in June 2012; we are looking forward to the result.

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