April 24, 2012

Graduation Ceremony Master of Science „Real Estate - Investment & Valuation” and "Professional MBA Facility Management"

Classes 2010-2012

On April 19, 2012 the graduation ceremony was held at the Vienna University of Technology. 24 students of two programs graduated in the course of this traditional ceremony: students of the Master of Science "Real Estate - Investment & Valuation" as well as students of the Professional MBA in Facility Management.

The Dean of Academic Affairs for Continuing Education Univ.Prof. Bob Martens, FRICS opened the ceremony and welcomed graduates, faculty and guests. In his opening speech he referred to the strong points of educational programs at the Vienna University of Technology and reasons for studying at TU Wien. 

Subsequently, Univ.Prof. Alexander Redlein, Academic Director of the Professional MBA Facility Management gave an outlook on current trends and developments in the real estate sector. According to him, sustainability is still gaining importance as is the “human factor” within buildings: buildings should be made for people, and accommodate their needs.

After a piece of music by Georg Friedrich Händel, Ms. Mag. Karin Fuhrmann (Partner at TPA Horwath), congratulated the alumni. She also handed over the IMMQU-Award to the best of class of the Msc program: the winner of this award was Ing. Christian Perina, MBA.

Finally, the Academic Directors of the respective programs, Univ.Prof Bob Martens and Univ.Prof. Alexander Redlein handed over the certificates to the graduates.

We congratulate the Alumni of the MSc "Real Estate - Investment & Valuation"

Rainer Bischof, MSc
Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Gregor Beilein, MSc
MMag. Daniel Gallner, MSc
Thomas Gell, MSc MSc
Mag. Evelyn Hendrich, MSc
Christian Huber, MSc
Dipl.Betriebswirtschafter HF Stefan Huser, MSc
Mag. (FH) Michael Janecek, MSc
Dipl.-Ing. Johann Kaiser, MSc
Mag. Katharina Krilyszyn, MSc
Mag. Henry Oberdorfer, MSc
Ing. Christian Perina, MBA MSc
Mag. Michael Pohn, MSc
Ing. Florian Richter, MSc
Mag. Christoph Schantl, MSc
Dipl.-Ing. Alexander Schäfer, MSc
Mag. Thomas Stanger, MSc
Mag. Benedikt Stockert, MSc
Mag. Veronika Wundsam, MSc
Mag. Felix Zekely, MSc

We congratulate the Alumni of the Professional MBA "Facility Management"

Ing. Ferdinand Fuke, MBA
Ing. Karin Stöger, MBA
Dr. Martin Tscherkassky, MBA MBA

On behalf of the graduates, Ing.Ferdinand Fuke highlighted the relief of having successfully completed the last two years of education, the high quality of the courses and the exceptional knowledge of the faculty. Finally he expressed his sincere thanks to all the people who supported the participants during the program, most of all to the families and friends.

We congratulate our alumni and wish them all the best!

Photo Gallery MSc "Real Estate - Investment & Valuation"

Photo Gallery Professional MBA Facility Management


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