May 07, 2012

Luxury Käsekrainer at Schwedenplatz ... we have versatile students

Thomas Danecek, one of the students of the Certified Program „Real Estate Management“ and ex-opera singer, is the managing director of the new gourmet Würstelstand „UBOX“.

(c) ORF/Marina Delcheva. Thomas Danecek, Managing Director of „UBOX“, at the sharp end.

„Käsekrainer with caviar and champagne“ oder „saucisse au fromage avec caviar“ might be well know to (almost) all Viennese: The new gourmet Würstelstand was opened at Schwedenplatz at the beginning of May. Thomas Danecek, the new managing director of the Würstelstand: „We want to raise the tone of fast food catering for the tourists and visitors. At our gourmet Würstelstand directors will meet handicrafters.“ The impetus for this idea was given by the actor John Malkovich.

Please read the complete article at (only available in German).

Thomas Danecek currently completes the Certified Program „Real Estate Management“ and will graduate in October 2012. The next class (class no. 15) of this program will start in November 2012. Detailed information to this program you´ll find here:



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