July 03, 2012

Graduation ceremony with highest number of distinctions so far

On the occasion of the graduation of the MSc postgraduate Program „Environmental Technology & International Affairs“ the „ARA Best Study Award“ was granted for the third time – the Diplomatic Academy of Vienna and the Vienna University of Technology congratulate the winners and alumni

On 28 June 2012, the graduation of the postgraduate program „Environmental Technology & International Affairs“ (ETIA) took place at the Festsaal of the Diplomatic Academy of Vienna with musical accompaniment by students of the Diplomatic Academy of Vienna. 14 students from 11 countries resp. 4 continents completed the MSc Program this year successfully, 63% of them graduated with distinction.

„We are very proud that this innovative idea has now advanced to a success story. The big success of this programme derives from the perfect cooperation between the Diplomatic Academy of Vienna and the Vienna University of Technology, as well as the unique combination of legal, political, economic and technical education“, Ambassador Dr. Hans Winkler, Director of the Diplomatic Academy of Vienna, pointed out.
Prof. Dr. Bob Martens, Vice Director of the Continuing Education Center at the Vienna University of Technology also highlighted the interdisciplinarity of the programme.
As unique characteristics he emphasised the small number of students which enables a very good network, as well as top class lecturers with real-life relevance and the high reputation of both institutions.

In the course of the graduation ceremony the „ARA Best Study Award“ was granted for the third time. ARA Altstoff Recycling Austria AG is Austria´s leading compliance scheme under the EU Packaging Directive. Dr. Christoph Scharff, CEO of ARA, stated his enthusiasm for this programme and contrasted the scarcity of resources with the unlimited resources of the graduates of this postgraduate program, who distinguish themselves in excellent education, skills, enthusiasm and dedication. Because of equal performance, the ARA Best Study Award was granted to two graduates: Elisabeth Gager (Austria) and Luka Jazbec (Slovenia).

For the next class starting in September international candidates from Austria, Canada, Cuba, Ecuador, Georgia, Germany, Hungary, India, Italy, Kenya, Luxembourg, Poland, Serbia, and Ukraine have been admitted. Late admission is still possible via online application on DA website.

The Diplomatic Academy Vienna and the Continuing Education Center of TU Vienna congratulate the award winners and the alumni.

Graduates of the MSc Program “Environmental Technology & International
Affairs” Class 2010-2012:

Matthias DE MOOR, Belgium
Samar ELAGABANI, Austria
Elisabeth GAGER, Austria
Gilbert Eduard GUNTSCHNIG, Austria
Luka JAZBEC, Slovenia
Anna KUBIN, Austria
Clemens MATZER, Austria
Vicente Otto MORA, USA
Agnes MÜLLER, Austria
Zoran RUÅ NOV, Austria
Bernadette SERRO, Austria
Gerald STÖCKL, Austria
Dana VÝŽINKÁROVÁ, Slovak Republic

The following participants are working on the completion of their Master’s Thesis:

Ann Marie MANHART, Philippines
Cécilia Claire Sandrine MARONNIER, France
Jiao TANG, Australia
Karolina ZÁZVORKOVÁ, Czech Republic

Final degree: Master of Science (MSc) granted by the Vienna University of          Technology in cooperation with the Diplomatic Academy of Vienna
Language of instruction: English
Duration: 4 semesters
Tuition fee 2012-14: Euro 22,000.-
Programme start: September 24, 2012
Academic directors: Prof. Dr. Gerhard Loibl, LL.B (DA Vienna), Prof. Dr. Hans Puxbaum (TU Vienna)


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