July 17, 2012

Graduation of the MSc of Economics 2010 – 2012

First row, from left: Bob Martens, Rainer Widmann, Gábor Uhrin, Richard Foltyn, Béla Szabadi; Second row, from left: Bernhard Felderer, Klaus Ritzberger, Christian Keuschnigg, Walter Fisher, Támas Papp, Manfred Deistler

The Institute for Advanced Studies in cooperation with the Vienna University of Technology organized the Graduation Ceremony for the 2010 – 2012 class. For this festive occasion the IHS Economics Faculty, Representatives of the Institute for Advanced Studies and the Vienna University of Technology, family and friends came together to celebrate with  our four graduate students.

Prof. Fisher, the Head of the Economics and Finance Department, lead through the program. Prof. Keuschnigg, since June 2012 the new director of the IHS, opened the Ceremony with welcoming words, followed by Prof. Martens, Vice Director of TUs Continuing Education Center, who not only introduced the MSc of Economics program, but also gave a historical review of the TU. Prof. Felderer, former IHS director and Prof. Keuschnigg´ s predecessor, gave the commencement speech.

In our tradition, we also give the word to the students during the ceremony. Each of them had the chance to address the audience with personal words as well as an introduction to their diploma thesis.

Finally, the Master's Degrees were conferred by Prof. Keuschnigg and Prof. Martens.
Prof. Deistler, academic director of the MSc-Program, closed the Ceremony and gave the students advices for their academic careers.

This cohort of students was an excellent group and we are proud to announce that all four students were placed in extraordinary PhD programs: Richard Foltyn was accepted at the Stockholm University and will pursue his PhDs studies there starting from October 2012, Bela Szabadi took the offer from Northwestern University, Gábor Uhrin starts his PhD studies at the Toulouse School of Economics and Rainer Widmann at The Kellogg School of Management.

Both TU Vienna and IHS cordially congratulate their alumni:

DI(FH) Mag. Richard FOLTYN, MSc

The joint MSc is a rigorous, quantitative education and equips graduates with the advanced tools to undertake a research career in economics. Consistent with this goal, the MSc Economics is aimed at highly talented individuals, who have an outstanding academic record during their previous university studies.

Further information can be found on our website economics.tuwien.ac.at.

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