August 22, 2012

Sustainability in Facility Management

Sustainability is a topic much talked about and this is also true in the real estate and facility management sector.

Facility management is - due to the holistic approach to real estate and life-cycle-costs – a discipline that is almost predestined for assuring sustainability in the long run. Sustainable facility management makes responsible use of scarce resources and investments are of long-term nature. This ensures a maximum enhancement in value throughout the whole life-cycle of a building.

Many times, sustainability is also being related to building certificates. At the Vienna University of Technology, research is carried out in this field. Prof. Alexander Redlein, Professor for Facility Management, finds, however, that building certificates are not a guarantee for sustainability but that sustainability goes beyond certificates. Considering the number of possible certifications it is easy to lose track: there are international certificates such as the US-Label LEED, the British label BREEAM and the German label by the DGNB or the EU Green Building Certificate but as well Austrian certification systems such as proposed by ÖGNI or ÖGNB. Regardless of the certificates, the implementation of sustainability requires broad interdisciplinary knowledge. This is where the facility manager comes into play: he should make his attribution in the planning phase of buildings and apply sustainability criteria in the different areas possible.

Sustainability is a topic that is also discussed in the Professional MBA Facility Management. If you are interested in further education in this field, please visit our website or contact us for for further information. The next MBA-class will start on March 14, 2013.
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