August 28, 2012

Alumni reports about next career steps after the graduation

Many candidates applying for the MSc ETIA Program want to know about future perspectives after finishing the course and where our alumni “ended up” in their professional career.

Therefore we asked one of the recent graduates from class 2010-2012, Dana Vyzinkarova, Bc., MSc for a statement regarding her next steps right after having been granted the Master´s title in June.

Every graduate finds his/her individual professional way - maybe this one is quite inspiring:

“I joined ETIA after completing a Bachelor program in chemistry. I welcomed the opportunity to start an interdisciplinary Master in the field of environment and I was especially excited to connect my previous scientific studies to global affairs and practical questions such as resource and waste management, pollution control and energy issues. After having completed the program, I can say the two years were up to my high expectations: both years were different and special in their own way.
 At the Diplomatic Academy, I doubled if not tripled my knowledge in history, economics and law and appreciated many events I could attend, about which I would not know otherwise. It was also great to be able to choose subjects about current affairs at the time when the Arab Spring started, and follow it with more informed eyes.
During the second year at the University of Technology, I learned about a broad range of issues, and my favorite part was working on my Master´s thesis. I was lucky to work with a professor, who is a true expert in his field – waste management – and who could lead me towards a successful finishing of my thesis.
I enjoyed this time to such extent that I decided to continue in the same field: currently we are working on a manuscript for a submission to a Journal, based on my Master´s thesis, and soon I will start a PhD at the Danish Technical University. I believe I found a discipline where work has become a hobby - and that is thanks to participating in the ETIA program.”

By the way, another graduate (class 2007-2009) who studied Chinese before joining the ETIA Program, will work in the same project as Dana in Denmark, although he had not finished a Bachelor in Chemistry. This is a good example that even alumni without scientific background can find their way to a Technical University abroad with the ETIA Master´s title.


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