30. August 2012

Impressions and career paths ...

Alumni of the 4th MSc Economics

This year four very successful students graduated from the joint IHS and Vienna University of Technology MSc in Economics Program. We asked them about their impressions.

Béla SZABADI ((Northwestern University)
“After obtaining my master’s degree in Quantitative Economics at the Corvinus University of Budapest, I felt I needed more preparation before being accepted to a high-level PhD-Program in the U.S. My teachers recommended the IHS MSc. It is the perfect preparation for a leading PhD program. It is tough and thorough and has a good theoretical structure. During the application for PhD programs I got all the support from the faculty, be it writing recommendation letters or in determining which program suits my research interests best. I was, among others, admitted to the Department of Economics at Northwestern University and to NYU, therefore could choose between these two impressive universities. When visiting both, I was amazed by the good reputation IHS and its faculty have there.”

Gábor UHRIN (Toulouse School of Economics)
“At IHS saw the pure academic world and became prepared for a life in academia. Here you know every faculty member and all fellow students personally. At the same time you get the chance to meet an international scientific community on a regular basis. The Workshop in honor of Harold Kuhn in June was an impressive gathering of top researchers in the field. In autumn I will commence my PhD at the Toulouse School of Economics and after that I am planning on going back to Hungary. The network in Vienna is an invaluable asset for me and I definitely want to keep in touch.”

Rainer WIDMANN (Kellogg School of Management)
“The IHS master program was the essential asset for making me competitive for a U.S. PhD by putting me through two years of thorough studies. In my areas of interest, political economy and applied microeconomics, the Kellogg School of Management is the prime place in the world. My plan for the future is to embark on a career in academia and IHS is a
place where you are in the midst of active academic life, for example by participating in the research seminars and electives with internationally renowned guest professors.“

Richard FOLTYN (Stockholm University)
“After completing my studies at the Vienna University of Economics and Business, the IHS MSc program was the next logical step to prepare for a PhD: it has a strong emphasis on analytical competence and conveys a solid foundation in macro, micro, econometrics and computational methods. In macroeconomics, my personal field of interest, the IHS has a competitive advantage with top faculty members. Additionally, IHS gives students the chance to prepare for future university teaching positions by requiring second-year students to work as teaching assistants. The weekly seminars at IHS, in which most of the leading researchers working in Vienna as well as visiting international scholars participate, are well-suited to introduce students to the discourse and current topics in economics.”

For more information about the program please visit http://economics.tuwien.ac.at 

©text, interviews:  IHS News,  Issue 2/2012


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