September 28, 2012

How to score with energy edges

Talking with Anton Holzapfel (ÖVI) about the new Energy Certification Providing Act.

Anton Holzapfel (ÖVI)

This act – the EAVG 2012 – shows some innovative changes. One of the most important ones is, that real estate agents have to inform their potential clients of a special indicator -  the so called „fGEE“ - already when they are advertising for. If the agents don´t provide this information, they could be cursed with a penalty up to 1,450.- EUR.

The interview with Anton Holzapfel you´ll find >> hier. (in German)

EAVG 2012

Anton Holzapfel is a lecturer at the Certified Program „Real Estate Management“ at the Vienna University of Technology. His lecture is „Maklerregeln und Maklerfunktionen“.

Next program start: November 09, 2012. Application is still possible.

Detailed information on this program you´ll find under



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