October 09, 2012

MSc students „Renewable Energy in Central & Eastern Europe“ with Apple iPads

What are Apple iPads dealing with Renewable Energy?

Students of Class 2012-2014 with their new iPads

The answer is: Renewable energy makes a useful contribution to environment protection. So does the Continuing Education Center, that takes the responsibility for a careful use of the environment seriously and carries out the MSc program „Renewable Energy in Central & Eastern Europe“ paperless. On the occasion of the program start of the MSc program on Oct 04, 2012 each of the twelve students of the new class 2012-2014 got an Apple iPad for the first time. With the implementation of iPads the Continuing Education Center is pioneering new innovative ways in the field of learning environment.

The iPads will come along with the students for the next four semesters. The students will get their study material only as electronic copies. This redounds to the students´ advantage: They have access to all necessary information and files wherever they are. And it means less luggage for the international students. On the other side the Continuing Education Center doesn´t waste paper, doesn´t waste money and makes a useful contribution to environmental protection.

So it´s a win-win-situation. The Continuing Education Center has already equipped the students of the MSc program “Environmental Technology & International Affairs” that started last week. Further programs will follow.


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