October 09, 2012

Two OMV scholarships awarded

OMV supports the high-quality MSc Program “Renewable Energy in Central & Eastern Europe”

Reinhard Haas (Academic Director), Michaela Leonhardt, Stefan Bogdanovic, Walter Böhme (OMV)

OMV, Central Europe’s leading oil and gas company deals in context of research projects with improvement in energy efficiency, greenhouse gas minimization as well as economical use of biogenous fuels. Therefore OMV awards two scholarships to the outstanding MSc Program “Renewable Energy in Central & Eastern Europe” in the amount of EUR 13,000 each. Participants from Eastern Europe were preferred.

OMV supports this MSc program for several year. This year the scholarships were awarded to Michaela Leonhardt from the Czech Republic and Stefan Bogdanovic from Serbia by Walter Böhme, Head of Innovation (OMV).

Michaela Leonhardt is an expert for monitoring of grid operations at Austrian Power Grid. She has a PhD in Mathematics and applied for this program with the aim of deepening her knowledge about renewable energy sources, which offers her the possibility of a broader understanding of the interaction between all stakeholders of the electrical grid and market.

Stefan Bogdanovic is General Manager of International Consulting and Development d.o.o.. He has a diploma in Computer Science and is convinced that this program will help him to understand all the issues referring to technological and economic aspects of the renewable energy business in a better, more detail and a multi-disciplinary way.

As winners of the OMV scholarships they get a step closer to their goals. We wish them all the best in the MSc program!


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