October 09, 2012

For the first time students of the Professional MBA Automotive Industry learn with Apple iPads

Professional MBA Automotive Industry

The fourth program of the Professional MBA Automotive Industry started on October 3, 2012. In order to carry the responsibility to the environment and to make the course more comfortable Professional MBA Automotive Industry program is now running paperless. Instead of the paper form of scripts participants got Apple iPads for the first time.
With the implementation of iPads the Continuing Education Center is pioneering new innovative ways in the field of learning environment.

The iPads will come along with the students for the next four semesters. The students will get their study material only as electronic copies. This redounds to the students´ advantage: They have access to all necessary information and files wherever they are. And it means less luggage for the international students. On the other side the Continuing Education Center doesn´t waste paper, doesn´t waste money and makes a useful contribution to environmental protection.

Some comments from participants after the first use of iPads:

  • As first cohort we started to use an iPads instead of handouts, which was a little bit challenging at the starting phase. As it is possible to make notes within the pdf-files in different ways, we had to find out the best personal way of usage. In my opinion the iPads is a great support for our study, but sometimes it will be necessary to print out the documents.
  • Being used to study with hard copy scripts I was very skeptical about the use of iPads within the program and expected it to be more a gimmick than a helpful item. After a short introduction how to use the iPads and provided apps I was very surprised by the user friendliness. It is very easy to make notes and marks within the presentation. Having all my documents available anytime and everywhere is very convenient. In addition to that, by using the iPad I don´t need to print out so many pages and have to carry a lot less weight on the trips to the modules, therefore it is also an environmentally friendly approach. I´m looking forward to the next modules.   
  • The decision to use the iPads allows me to facilitate the study of the extensive material without the use of paper and always have on hand all necessary material and own comments to it during the studying. The iPads as a tool for learning has proved to be very friendly and convenient.

Further Information under: http://automotive.tuwien.ac.at

The development of the MBA Program is supported by the European Regional Development Fund and the Slovak-Austrian cross-border cooperation programme 2007-2013



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