September 28, 2012

Great innovation for the innovative MSc „Environmental Technology and International Affairs“: Students with Apple iPads

How students comment on this

It was a great surprise for the fifth ETIA class starting it´s second academic year at TU Vienna. On the occasion of the infosession on September 24th 2012, all 23 students received an Apple iPad for free as well as a detailed instruction regarding its use.

Instead of carrying around heavy binders with copies of all presentations and supplementary lecture material, students now have direct access to the CEC intranet via WLAN whereever they are around.

With this implementation of iPads the Continuing Education Center states an outstanding improvement within a sustainable and innovative learning environment and takes for serious it´s responsibility for a careful use of the environment: by carrying out the MSc program „Environmental Technology and International Affairs“ paperless.

Student´s comment on this step as follows:
Richard Murphy (Irland/Austria):
I am very happy to receive the iPads. I am very optimistic about the benefit of these in lessons, allowing for viewing of slides and note-taking during lectures. I am glad that they are replacing the huge folders full of paper which previous ETIA students had to carry to every class. 16GB hard drive space is more than adequate for our needs.

Miriam Krinner (Germany):
The implementation of iPads was a great surprise for us! After only one week of use I cannot imagine having to do without it. Especially the App Goodnotes is very useful to take notes during lessions and helps to save time, effort and needless printing costs.


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